Zagava Books - May 2018

The hallucinatory new novel by Stephen J. Clark.

�Reading a Stephen J. Clark story is akin to being caught inside a ritual. Clark is a poet of the occult who evokes that strange region of the imagination where dread and wonder intersect. A writer and artist with genuine vision, to whom the surreal is second nature. One of my most exciting discoveries in contemporary supernatural fiction.� � Adam Nevill, author of The Ritual and Apartment 16.

�When the eminent therapist Dr Rudkin reached the Colony institute he did not expect to find another world waiting for him, nor did he imagine that a patient there could be its creator and his guide in that dreamt paradise; a man who also claimed to be the dead poet Gerard de Nerval.

After Nerval declares that he has met Dr Rudkin�s late wife in that other world, promising to reunite them, a strange pact is made as ancient masters watch in the wings. Rudkin in turn believes he can rid Nerval of his delusions and rescue the real man lost in an invented land. Together they salvage memories of Nerval�s imagined journey in the form of a sacred book. Yet as they map his hidden world an enemy rises to end their dreams.

Somewhere between Carrol�s Alice in Wonderland and Swift�s Gulliver�s Travels, edging Hodgson�s House on the Borderland and Kubin�s The Other Side, The Feathered Bough is a profusely illustrated novella of the occult and the grotesque; a grimoire and hallucinatory field guide to a fallen realm that might have been.� More...

Egaeus Press - May 2017

A novella featured in the anthology A Book of the Sea; a collection of strange or uncategorizable pieces from some of the finest authors in the field, for which the sea provides the great mystery; stories and poems which explore its pull on the human heart, its alienness, its treachery, its unfathomable vastness; and more than anything, what it makes humans do, be, become. More...

Egaeus Press - February 2017

A novella published in Murder Ballads, edited by Mark Beech. A collection of seventeen dark tales & novellas, in which some of today�s finest weird story writers provide previously unpublished work inspired by traditional murder ballads. The results are sometimes enigmatic, sometimes witty, sometimes desperately grim; just like the songs they often appear to belong outside � either before or after � recorded time, in some malleable epoch of blood-drenched mythology. They channel not only these ballads, but also that certain brand of outmoded publication which once revelled so joyfully in all manner of luridness; publications such as The Newgate Calendar, The Illustrated Police News and of course the Victorian Penny Dreadful. More...

Egaeus Press - June 2015

A novella published in A Soliloquy for Pan, edited by Mark Beech. This mammoth 350 page compendium of new and previously unpublished fiction, essays and poetry along with lesser known archive material, in praise, in awe, in fear of the great god.

Louder than all trumpets sounds his voice alone, and at that sound fall helm and sword, the charioteer from his rocking car and bolts from gates of walls by night; nor might the helm of Mars and the tresses of the Furiai, nor the dismal Gorgon from on high spread such terror, nor with phantoms so dire sweep an army in headlong rout. � Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica (C1st A.D.) More...

Swan River Press - July 2015

In the final throes of the Blitz, Austin Osman Spare is the only salvation for Marlene, an artist escaping a traumatic past. Wandering Southwark�s ruins she encounters Paddy Hughes, a fugitive of another kind. Falling under Marlene�s spell Hughes agrees to seek out her lost mentor, the man she calls The Satyr. Yet Marlene�s past will not rest as the mysterious Doctor Charnock pursues them, trying to capture the patient she�d once caged. The Satyr is a tale inspired by the life and ethos of sorcerer and artist Austin Osman Spare.

Another three novellas of occult enchantment follow: a bookseller discovers that his late wife knew the Devil, in the Carpathian Mountains refugees shelter in a museum devoted to a forgotten author, and in Prague a portraitist must paint a countess whose appearance is never the same twice. More...

Egaeus Press - August 2012

In Delirium's Circle is Stephen J. Clark's first novel, an unsettling tale of secrecy and obsession, of haunting memories and spiralling madness. Set amongst the fogbound and beleaguered streets of post-war Newcastle Upon Tyne, In Delirium's Circle documents the obscure fate of William Fetch, artist and seer, in his pursuit of the truth behind a secret society of sinister game-players and the nebulous masters to whom they are enthralled. Fetch sees in these shadowy individuals perhaps his final chance to know the hidden worlds he has devoted his life to discovering. But are the choices he is making really his own? More...

Ex Occidente Press - June 2012

This Hermetic Legislature is a tribute to Bruno Schulz and the third such homage volume from Ex Occidente Press. At the end of a curious parallel track of imagination the Twentieth Century is frozen by the memory of early spring snows, the lascivious gaze of tradesmen, dark July nights and the chatter of exotic birds. Every face in the crowd is as still as a travelling waxwork exhibit. It is an Age of Genius writ in crumbing ledgers and announced in the margins of charlatans� advertisements. Everywhere the agony and ecstasy of its times may be read. Upon every mouldering wall there is a rich mural of creation and beneath every glittering plastic jewel of technology hides an ancient fermentation. In each shop window, with its teetering mannequins, a universe of magical forms unfolds �a pageant of infinite life begging to be rewritten, to live again! More...

Ex Occidente Press - August 2011

Because where there is Art, there is no Devil. This is a homage to Mikhail Bulgakov, last Prince and Master of the White Twilight lineage. Dissident extraordinaire, wayward Dandy, fabulous anti-hero of the Great Soviets, Doctor, Mystic and tamer of the Deamons from the Highest Courts of Hell, genial novelist and loyal soldier of the White Army, Morphia addict, Reactionary and Visionary, Mikhail Bulgakov remains to this day a singular man and a remarkable figure in the entire history of Promethean Literature. More than a marvelous writer, as the cynics and the cloaca of the literary critics want us to believe, Mikhail Bulgakov was one of the few Eschatological forerunners of the much ill-fated XXth century. More...

Side Reel Press - April 2011

A short story published in Delicate Toxins. Edited by John Hirschhorn-Smith this is an anthology of all new tales taking the life, work and cultural milieu of Hanns Heinz Ewers as their inspiration. Delicate Toxins stands in its own right as a collection of writings by some of the most interesting authors in the field of 'strange stories' but is also complementary to Side Real Press' ongoing programme of Ewers re-issues. More...

Ex Occidente Press - March 2011

What is the distance that appears to us through these blind arcades and trefoils of black stone, and that would not appear anywhere else but here, in these forgotten cities of the old Europe? Within the blinking of an eye mythical beasts roam the threadbare seams between day and dream, exchanging seductive glances. At these interstices maps lose their form, borders warp and the moment devours the watchful and the unwary alike. In Amsterdam an elderly bookseller discovers that his late wife once knew the Devil. In the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains refugees from occupied Poland hide in a long lost museum devoted to the memory of Bruno Schulz. In Prague a portraitist is hired to paint a countess whose appearance is never the same twice. More...

Ex Occidente Press - August 2010

1941, in the final throes of the Blitz, Austin Osman Spare becomes the only salvation for a traumatised artist who calls herself Marlene Dietrich, a fugitive from the ominous Institute for Gifted and Orphaned Exiles. Wandering the shattered streets of Southwark Marlene encounters a mysterious gentleman, Paddy Hughes. Consulting her portfolio of drawings as a talisman and aided by spirit lamps, they set out together across the ruined Borough in search of her lost mentor, a man called The Satyr. As Hughes falls under Marlene�s spell he is initiated into the secret mythology of her birth from The Danube of her imagination. Unwittingly he becomes her protector while Ms Charnock, a wayward sister of the institute, pursues them, only to be drawn into her patient�s infernal odyssey. Refracted through the perspectives of the swindler Paddy Hughes, Ms Charnock�s reports and Marlene�s journals and drawings, the drama builds momentum towards a cataclysm foretold. Interspersed with Marlene�s art, drawn by the author, The Satyr is a tale inspired by the life and occult oeuvre of Austin Osman Spare. More...

Supernatural Tales #18 - Winter 2010

A short story published in the winter issue of Supernatural Tales, edited by David Longhorn. More...

Ex Occidente Press - December 2009

A short story published in Cinnabar's Gnosis: A Homage to Gustav Meyrink, edited by Dan T. Ghetu. Cinnabar's Gnosis is the first Ex Occidente Press anthology in a series of homages dedicated to European lost masters and exquisite fantasts. Some of the upcoming anthologies will be dedicated to Dino Buzzati, M.P. Shiel, Bruno Schulz, Ernst J�nger, Baron Corvo, Leo Perutz, Emil Cioran. "It is called the Cinnabar Book because that red is the colour of the garments of those who have reached the highest stage of perfection and stayed behind on earth for the salvation of mankind. Just as we cannot comprehend the meaning of a book if we just hold it in our hand or turn the pages without reading, so we will not profit from the course of our destiny if we do not grasp its meaning. Events follow each other like the pages of a book that are turned by Death; all we know is that they appear and disappear, and that with the last one the book ends. We do not even know that it keeps being opened, again and again, until we finally learn to read. And as long as we cannot read, life is for us a worthless game in which joy and sorrow mingle." --Gustav Meyrink. More...

Leeds Surrealist Group - October 2007

The Bridge of Shadows was a project worked on over several years by Stephen J. Clark and Bill Howe, to explore the creative interplay of photographic and verbal images. The photographs are not in any way illustrative of the poems, nor were the poems written in response to the photographic images, both having been created entirely separately, with differing motives. The combination of these poetic artefacts constituted a game of revelation. Through this associative �sifting� of evidence, subtle relationships were revealed and developed between the photographs and poems. Not only standing as an example of the intimacy of collective surrealist activity, the book also becomes an open invitation to its readers to roam in its haunted confines, to play their own revelatory games. More...

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