Leeds Surrealist Group -
Leeds Surrealist Group weblog

Pavel Surma -
Pavel Surma, championing poetic vision.

Premysl Martinec -
Premysl Martinec, a member of the Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group whose pictures of vomiting angels and dolls' houses fascinate.

Red Squirrel Press -
Cover art for Steve Urwin's Hypomaniac from Red Squirrel Press. Further cover work to come for Steve's forthcoming books.

Surrealismus -
The Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group, home of the superb Analogon.

Swan River Press -
The Swan River Press, founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2003, specialises in the Gothic, strange and supernatural.

Tartarus Press -
Tartarus Press are a small, independent publishing house, specialising in interesting fiction from the past and present.

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