The River Dreams of Ruins -
"A book’s creation is a story in itself. Perhaps when The Satyr was first published in 2010 there was something in the air at the time . . . "

Interview Conducted by Hirshhorn-Smith -
"Your visual work is more overtly surrealist than your written. In what ways do you see them inter-relating? . . . "

The Surreal Drive -
"I always used to look at Tartarus Press covers and wonder idly about the lovely, creepy illustrations on the covers. Then I got the illustration for the cover of my very own Tartarus book and I learned where a lot of them came from . . . "

Bibliophage - An Interview -
"With my writing I try to develop a dynamic between planning and spontaneity. I approach it as a form of play; a game allowing space for the subconscious to speak . . . "

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