"With Speaking Fingers"

"They Lose Their Way to the Sound of His Voice"

"The Oracle of the Threshold"

"The Mythology of the Mirror"

"The Intercessor"

"The End of the Feast"

"Spectral Milk"

"Scene from Seductive Drama"

"Phantom Sketch"

"Of the Vine"

"Lost in Your Body"

"Lost Between Words"

"Late Friends"

"In the Playground"

"If You Happen to Stop by That River"


"Autumn Has Kissed These Lips"

"At the Threshold They Await Your Answer"

"At the Invitation of the Host"

"At the Interstices"

"At the Final Hour the Threshold Answers"

"Amniotic Night"

"After a Long Walk Home Through Birdsong"

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